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Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

Hello, friends! I want to start off by thanking everyone for all their prayers and for reaching out to see how we are doing during this heartbreaking time. When we first heard about Hurricane Harvey hitting and the potential catastrophic flooding that would hit the Houston area I was very fearful. We didn't evacuate Houston at the time because we knew our area wouldn't see much flooding. Thankfully we haven't had any water enter our apartment and we're also very fortunate to still have power. We are unable to leave our area due to high water throughout the highways so we've been staying put inside. I've been checking on family and friends throughout the Houston area constantly to make sure they are okay. My sister actually had to evacuate her home with her 11 month old daughter because the water was up to her knees and continuing to rise. Early this morning we brought her clothes and blankets for my niece since she was unable to grab much as she was leaving her home. Thankfully my job is letting me work from home for as long as I need. For those of you that don't know I work very close to the downtown Houston area which in most areas has extreme flooding. 
However there are many people that are out of work, experiencing flooding in their homes, trying to find a place to stay, and in need of the essentials. The images I'm seeing on the news have been absolutely heartbreaking. Although there is so much hurt happening in Houston right now there is also a lot of strength and love that I'm seeing from complete strangers and other states. I've been constantly seeing on the news countless amounts of people volunteering their time and their boats to help save people. Houston will rebuild but we honestly need all the help we can get. If you're wondering what you can do to help Houston I'm going list different resources for you to check out. Above all else please continue to pray for our community. 

Monetary and Physical Donations

To Volunteer

Also if you are wanting to check to see if a friend or family member in the Houston area is safe there is a Facebook page HERE that allows people in the Houston area to mark themselves as safe. You can also offer to help out people through this page and people who are in need of help can post that on this page as well. 
Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bubble Sleeve Wrap Top

Happy Thursday, friends! We've almost made it to Friday! YAY! I have to let ya'll know that there is supposed to be a pretty bad Tropical Storm hitting the Houston area tomorrow and the rain is supposed to last throughout the weekend. We usually take blog pictures during the weekend so I apologize in advance if I don't have as many outfit posts as usual up next week! Now lets talk about how much I'm obsessed over this bubble sleeve wrap top! This top is so much fun and is perfect for those hot days we still have left. It's available in all sizes for under $50. I paired this top with white jeans and some tan sandals! These are still one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I wear all the time. The shoes are on sale and come in two different colors. These shoes are linked for $50 at the bottom of this post!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Perfect Yellow Sweater

Lattice Back Sweater // Shredded Hem Jeans
Leopard Print Pumps

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm excited to share this TopShop lattice back sweater on the blog today. I was trying to get this sweater during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but it was always sold out. I ended up purchasing it recently when it finally became available at a Nordstrom near me. I'm wearing the size 4 for reference! I recommend sizing up from your typical size to achieve the off the shoulder, oversized look. I'm obsessed with how fun this sweater is! The color alone really pops out and the cross back detailing makes it even more perfect. This sweater comes in two colors for $65. I paired this sweater with a pair of shredded hem jeans that are under $50! Having the detailing of a shredded hem on your jeans is becoming a pretty hot trend that I'm here for! I love that a shredded hem pairs so well with pumps!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Making a Statement with Palazzo Pants

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today on the blog I'm sharing these STUNNING palazzo pants that are currently $88! I love how comfy and stylish palazzo pants are. You can dress them up similar to what I did on this post or wear them more casual! These pants have a detailed with a gorgeous print, high waist and a bow tie. I've tagged a TON of palazzo pants for under $40 at the bottom of this post if you're palazzo pant obsessed like me! I'm a huge fan of pairing palazzo pants with bodysuits and this one from TopShop is so pretty! I love how the blush color compliments the print of the palazzo pants and don't even get me started on the back detailing! Talk about obsessed! Did I mention it comes in colors?! For under $50 you can find many ways to wear this bodysuit like going out on a Friday night or even just throwing on a leather jacket over it with high waisted jeans. The possibilities are endless! 

Here are a few more palazzo pants for under $40 that I'm obsessing over!

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Life In Color

Cold Shoulder Wrap Top // Ankle Skinny Jeans // Leopard Pumps
Tory Burch York // Hoop Earrings  // Sunglasses

Happy Monday, friends! I've been kind of MIA on the blog because we got some news about Ava's health last week and my mind has been completely focused on that. We have been praying hard about it and doing everything we can to hopefully get some good news during her next appointment. (For those wondering it's nothing life threatening and she should be fine.)

Over the weekend while Isaac and I were taking pictures in the downtown Houston area we came across this amazing art display at Discovery Green. I immediately knew we needed to snap some pics! I love this green cold should wrap top from TopShop. The material is really nice and it looks way more expensive than it actually is. Lately I've been trying to find a great pair of jeans with a shredded hem. I spotted these at my local Nordstrom and couldn't believe the price! These jeans are under $50! They will definitely get a ton of use this fall. I LOVE pops of prints so I threw on my favorite leopard print pumps to add some fun to this outfit!

This post is titled "Life in Color" because I wanted to talk about dealing with anxiety as a blogger to truly live your life in color. Imagine stepping out of the house in the morning to photograph an outfit you've been planning for weeks. You're excited and feel beautiful in this new outfit. Once you get to your chosen location which has been meticulously planned beforehand you begin to realize that this location holds more life than you original assumed it would. As you begin to pose you start to feel as if everyone is staring at you, judging you, whispering about what you are doing. You start to feel uncomfortable with yourself, you begin to feel warm, your heartbeat races, and that smile you wore out of the house this morning disappears. This type of situation occurs frequently during almost every outfit post I shoot. So why do I put myself through so much distress and how do I get pictures that are blog worthy if I'm going through a situation like that? The truth is I've always love sharing my outfits with others and helping other people find amazing deals. I realized I needed to make a blog once I started noticing how many people were stopping me in public to ask me where I got a specific item I was wearing. Even though I frequently experience panic attacks while shooting outfit posts the end result of my blog post is always worth it. This outfit post was actually shot in a very busy area of the Houston area. I had multiple people stop and watch me while we were shooting this. You probably wouldn't be able to tell but I was experiencing symptoms of anxiety. Overtime I've learned how to cope with my anxiety while shooting and hopefully some of these tips will be able to help other bloggers too.

Photograph With Someone You Trust

If you're able to have someone you trust photograph your outfits I promise it will help ease your anxiety! When I shoot with my husband he makes me feel completely comfortable and always helps me calm down during a panic attack. He also distracts me if other people are watching me and he notices my eye wandering to see if they are looking at me. 

Get Out of Your Own Head

I know how hard it can to get out of your own head. When you're in the moment of posing for pictures and your eyes catch someone staring immediately you start thinking and doubting yourself. I can't stress enough to clear your mind and get out of your head. Focus on the person taking your pictures or focus on an object and put all your attention on that.

Pick a Quiet Location

If you frequently visit my blog I'm sure you've noticed most of my pictures are taken in shopping centers or the downtown Houston area. These location are not typically quiet but they can be at the right time! If for some reason you live in a location where the city never sleeps I would recommend scouting locations one day. Go out and find a place that not many people know about to take pictures.

Take Pictures Early

Taking pictures early has been one of the biggest lifesavers when it comes to my anxiety. When I first started blogging we tried to take pictures in the afternoon at busy locations and I remember always having panic attacks because of all the people that would stop and stare at me. Since then I've found a time that works best for us, 6:30 AM to be exact. That might sound really early to some of you but I promise most people will not be out in shopping centers or downtown at 6:30 AM on a Saturday or Sunday. Right now the sunrises at exactly 6:30 AM for us so it's the perfect time to get natural lighting!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fringe Sweater + Leopard Print Pumps

Happy Wednesday, friends! On the blog today I'm talking about my new found love for J.Crew sweaters! This sweater is under $60 and features fringe sleeves it's also amazing quality for the price!  I'm wearing an XS in this sweater but could have easily sized down another size. I love when I find tops with adorable details and this one definitely hit the mark. I paired this sweater with my favorite pumps that are under $140. I'm thinking we'll see a lot of leopard print this fall and leopard print heels are the perfect way to make a statement. I'm thinking a business professional look with these heels for all my working ladies out there! Would ya'll be interested in seeing more professional attire on the blog? Let me know in the comments or send me an email! 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Wrap Blouse You Need This Fall

Happy Tuesday, friends! I adore bell sleeve blouses so when I saw this one at Nordstrom for only $39 I knew I had to have it. Not only does this top feature bell sleeves but it also has a true wrap style with a side tie closure. I'm obsessed with all the details happening on this top! In this post I'm wearing a small I'm typically an XS so I would recommend sizing up. I paired this top with white jeans and my new favorite TOMS peep toe booties. These booties are currently on sale for only $69.99!! They come in two colors and are seriously so comfortable ya'll! I'm going to get so much use out of them because they are the perfect transitional bootie. 

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Transitional Blouse + Leopard Print Pumps

Leopard Print Pumps // Tie Sleeve Blouse
Jeans // Tory Burch Tote
Happy Monday, friends! I've been obsessing over transitional tops lately! It's still pretty hot in Houston but I've been stocking up on tops that will work when the weather starts to cool down. This tie sleeve blouse is the perfect transitional top! It features adorable bow ties on both sleeves and I love that sleeves are slit because it adds a dramatic effect to the top. This top is currently under $50! My love for leopard print is so real ya'll!! I had been eyeing these pumps the entire Nordstrom sale! Every time I tried to order them they were sold out, but I finally got a pair in my size! I've even living in these lately because they are so comfortable and match with so many of clothes. These pumps are a fall staple for me! I love that these pumps can be worn in the office and out of the town. The possibilities are endless! I've linked a TON of leopard print shoes at the bottom of this post, some under $50, so you can get a pair that you love too!

If you watched my snapchat or instastory you might have saw that I got my hair blown out for the first time on Saturday! I went to Full Blown Dry Bar and had my hair styled by Andres. The entire experience was amazing. I loved the atmosphere of the dry bar and the fact that they had an open bar made it even more enjoyable! I had beach waves done on my hair for those wondering. If you're in the Houston area and looking for a place to get your hair done I highly recommend Full Blow Dry Bar. You can't beat the price, only $45 for a blowout, and the amazing service!

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